When you do not have a doggo but your neighbor does…


When you do not have a doggo but your neighbor does…

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  1. I’m a painter, and when I paint exteriors, I do this very often. Sometimes it’s to calm them down so they don’t bark alllllll daaaaay, but mostly because I love them.

  2. I was that kid with my hand through the fence petting all the next door doggies. They were my “loaner dogs” but I loved them as my own. Those pups are some of my favorite childhood memories.

  3. I’m just like this! I’m a sucker for pets, I buy treats for my neighbors’ dogs. Every time I go out my back door, to take out the trash, they come running out their doggy door and bark for treats. My neighbors think it’s a nice gesture and if one is missing out will call him, so he can get a treat too. It’s great to have neighbors that allow you to spoil their pets!

  4. I wasn’t allowed to have a dog as a kid. My neighbor has a 5 ft chainlink fence and I would play with his dog on the other side either by running down the yard or petting him through the fence holes.

  5. My neighbor has a massive potbelly pig, and my two yorkies adore her. They all go to the fence everyday to greet each other, then run back and forth along the chain link playing as much as a Ms. Piggy will tolerate. WE recently put in a small gate in so MS. PIggy can enter our yard to play and the three buddies can still have good fun running around as I’ve more space than her own yard. Ms. Piggy loves to rummage thru my garden uprooting whatever is left over from harvest when I let her into the garden area, and she loves being with us for hours at a time. Luckily the neighbor also brings my pups into her yard to babysit and tosses them bones to chew. On the opposite yard we have two large pitbulls who run hard and fast along the fence trying to get it at the pig or just run with my two back and forth, so we watch them carefully! I’m much happier with the pig is visiting my two in my our own yard. The pitti’s are decent enough dogs and fairly friendly with me but get a bit overly excited about the pig. She avoids them instinctively! Ms. Piggy gets treats from us while visiting and is basically a house trained in-door pig.

  6. Hey! This is my dog, [Gus!](https://i.imgur.com/3327hWs.png)

    He’s got a doggy door to get into the back yard, and a lot of times he hears them playing so he runs up to the fence and barks and they’ll pet him.

    After seeing this, we told them they could come play with Gus whenever, and I’ve actually seen them on the security cams playing with him.

  7. I know how much this sucks so anyone in Toronto, when I get my dog in the next two weeks or so, let me know and you can hang out with her once she settles in

  8. That’s what used to happen at me with my neighbor’s dog. He has a black Labrador that was so sweet that everytime I would go to work after lunch would stand up leaning on the fence so that I could be able to pet her face. Of course I used to pet her everytime but then the owner must have found it out and I supposed he was pissed about it and now when she comes show to me he calls her back so that I can’t pet her anymore..

  9. My neighbors dog just barks at me 🙁 3 diff dogs and only when I’m in the backyard not the front.

    One of the neighbors also don’t know how to bark train the dog and only use negative reinforcements.

    Bark bark said the dog

    Bark bark said the other dog

    Molson said the human

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