I’ve never seen a rat do well on this page, but they can be cute!


I’ve never seen a rat do well on this page, but they can be cute!

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  1. Actually, that is to this sub, I recently saw a rat out “in nature” and didn’t recoil. I mean, I didn’t want to nuzzle w her, but I didn’t do my usual screaming.

  2. Rats make the best pets. They’re extremely intelligent, cheap and easy to care for, will strongly bond with you if given attention, and are easily trainable. I’ve owned everything from dogs and cats, reptiles, rabbits, turtles, praying mantises, and rats and mice. All things considered, rats are without a doubt the one I’d recommend as a good pet to keep around.

  3. Rats are very intelligent, affectionate, personable, and unique and make incredibly loyal pets whom you’ll form an unbreakable bond with. Each has its own personality, and they are quote funny.

    The only downside to rats is their short lifespan of 2-4 years, although it is SO WORTH the heartache and only makes you cherish the time you have them even more.

  4. As long as they aren’t wandering off the street into my house, I’m cool. I also think spiders and snakes are cute af. Just..don’t end up in my shower or mail box and we good.

  5. They make the sweetest pets. Honestly the only downside i think is their short lifespan. You fall in love, bond with them, and then two years later they’re gone.

  6. I was house sitting last week and the family had chickens. I.e. rat problem. Had the back door open for the dogs and I looked down and there was this huge rat poking it’s head in. I wailed like a little bitch and it ran off but I was so conflicted cause it was very cute

  7. Had a pet rat in the late 80s at ny first assignment (USAF). One of the smartest and best tempered rodent pets I ever had or interacted with.

    Would love to get one again, but with two dogs in the house, it’s not a great idea.

  8. Here’s the thing, I *COULD* be passive towards rats…

    I don’t go out in the ocean and mess with sharks. They stay there, and I stay on the dry land.
    Same goes for crocodiles and alligators…

    But I can’t coexist with wild rats. They fuck everything up. I’ve had too many car/truck HVAC systems and electrical wires destroyed by rats to care.

  9. Rats are really clean, smart, and affectionate. They’re great pets, the only downside is they don’t live long.

    I had one as a kid. If I entered a room mine would run up to me and climb up my pants leg (god help me if I was wearing shorts) for pets. Would sleep with me. He was great.

  10. They’re such sweet pets. Loads of personality, and quite affectionate. I’ve had them several times.

    However… I don’t really recommend them.

    They smell much worse than other rodents such as hamsters or guinea pigs. Even with regular cleanings, their cage will constantly smell like piss.

    Secondly, they have bad health issues. Because of their naturally short lifespans in the wild, they have almost no effective mechanisms for preventing cancer. I’ve never had a rat make it past 18 months without starting to grow huge tumors.

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