If she goes outside we shut the door and she hates it. So she keeps her butt inside to prevent this while she birdwatches. Meet Sofie.


If she goes outside we shut the door and she hates it. So she keeps her butt inside to prevent this while she birdwatches. Meet Sofie.

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  1. My brother’s ex had a beagle who would go out the doggie door, turn around and bring his head and front feet back in, and then pee. Pee into the framework of the doggie door so it could spill out both sides.

  2. my dog used to do this – she wasn’t allowed in the living room so she’d put her front paws over the carpet and *stare*. when we were kids we used to have a game of measuring how much leg she could stretch out onto the carpet before my mom would chase her.

    sofie is a huge sweetheart. give her a kiss for me!

  3. my cat has this really weird behavior where she will meow incessantly at the door to the downstairs screened in patio, and like batt at the doorknob, then when I get up to let her out she just walks over to the middle of the floor and goes belly up. Pretty sure she doesn’t want to go out and just does it to annoy me so she can get petted. But sometimes I just put her out there as “punishment” for acting like she wants to go out there.

  4. Do what my dog did and run into the screen enough to create a type of doggie door so he can stand half in and half out. It’s also neat cause it lets all the bugs in. Great custom work from the dog.

  5. They make sliding door inserts with doggie doors so you can put it in and take it out whenever you want. We had one for my dog when I was growing up and would put it in when we got home. Worked great.

  6. Super cute! A couple of years back we bought a dog door that you put in to a sliding door so they can come and go as they please and it mostly keeps the cool/heat in. This way you don’t have to put a hole in the side of your house. They’re around $100 and totally worth it

  7. OP, get a doggy door for the sliding glass frame! They have one with zero installation. You literally fit it in the frame and close the sliding glass door against it. I got one for my backyard and my dogs meander back and forth to bird watch throughout the day.

    Game. Changer.

  8. My cat does the same thing! The door MUST stay open so she can go in and out. She also demandingly meows at us to follow her on a walk, plops down some random place and then starts rolling around.

  9. We have a short little hallway in the middle of our house that we call the Nexus. My dog sits/stands in it all the time so he can basically be in every room at the same time. He keeps his rear end in the hall and pokes his head into each room periodically so he’s everywhere at once.

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