This is our shadow, Cielo. Shes 15 and we adopted her about three months ago. She’s made herself at home :)


This is our shadow, Cielo. Shes 15 and we adopted her about three months ago. She’s made herself at home 🙂

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  1. A little backstory:
    My SO and I bought a house in December of last year and we are animal lovers. My little sister got a job at PetSmart and told us about all the cute kitties they had and we had to go visit them. Once we walked in the first cat I saw was her and I noticed she had such pretty eyes! We played with a few cats and then decided to meet “Blue” (the name they gave her). My sister told us she’s about a year and a half and when I put her down to walk I noticed her ankles sag a little and her back legs are a little wobbly; which is something that happened to my first cat as a child when she got old. I was a little confused by that but she was so cuddly we didn’t even bother to check paperwork or anything and took her home the next day. We go to the vet and the vet says “wow she’s in great health for her age! And she’s still got a few years left!” We we’re shocked haha we should’ve known, but turns out the kitty we thought was 1.5 years we actually 15 years old! In the first week we tried probably 10 different kinds of food because she kept having diarrhea or would throw it up. We tried fish oil, mineral oil, etc. and after about a month we finally found a combination that makes it not too difficult for her to go potty and also she can keep the food down. She’s up about 1 lb (yay!) and still gives us a hair ball every once in a while, but no biggie. Her back legs suffer from arthritis so we built some shelves next to the windows so she can perch there and some stairs for our bed. Now she is our best little baby!

  2. You are so lucky to have an old affectionate cat. Old cats are IMHO the best cats. They have their priorities in proper order: snuggling, sleep, snuggling, food, snuggling, tummy rubs and neck/ear/chin scratches, warming their arthritic bodies in the sun, snuggling, grooming, sleep. …. Ok, I admit it, I too am getting old, but I have always loved older cats. I much prefer them to kittens. Old cats love their owners and show that appreciation constantly.

  3. You’re the reason that makes the world a better place.Its so important that everyone realizes how much value older animals have.Cielo is gorgeous!😻Heck,cats have been known to live passed 20 + years. Best wishes for y’all.

  4. Oh my that’s awesome! Senior kitties are incredibly hard to adopt out and often won’t be adopted at all because they were”someone else’s cat”. I know you didn’t mean to but my goodness it’s wonderful you’ve given this old girl a home!

  5. Always find it amazing how folks give up on a cat that old I suppose there are
    Legitimate reasons but I like nothing more then going the full journey with my animals

  6. Good on you. The shelter told me my cat would never be adopted due to his age and color, which is how I’ve ended up sharing my house with a 20lb black cat. He was 8 when I got him, and 3 years later, he shows no signs of slowing down.

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