My gas bill came with a scratch ‘n sniff.


My gas bill came with a scratch ‘n sniff.

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  1. I got a card in the mail the other day with a peel off sticker. Well, my son peeled it off and then set it down. I didn’t pay attention to it at the time, but I started smelling gas. Freaked out for an hour before I finally looked at the card with the sticker and felt so relieved. “How to detect a gas leak” turned into “How to make you think you have a gas leak.”

  2. Hey, uh… you know that smell gas has? They put that in. The gas is odorless, but they add the smell so you know when there’s a leak.

    A lot of other gas smells.

    Methane smells.

  3. I used to have to cut rolls of stickers and pack tens of thousands of them. You cannot imagine the odor that comes from a box of these little turds. I had an actual gas leak in my home and the mercaptan odor was about as much as you get from a few of these bad boys, not whole rolls.

    Oh, and handle them for awhile and the powder starts to wear off onto your fingers and you smell like a rotten cabbage for the rest of the day and have a splitting headache from the smell to boot. I do not miss that job.

  4. My brother and I lived together I smelled gas one morning. On my way out the door to go to work, I yelled to bro (in bed) that I smelled gas and was calling the land lord. He was so fucking mad because he had to get out of bed to assist the gas person that came out. Turned out we had a massive gas leak in our fireplace. We both smoked at the time.



    Out of principal, he was still pissed when I returned from work because he had to wake up. A year late, he burned half the duplex down tossing a butt into our backyard ashtray. Funny. eh?

  5. I once had the most ridiculous panic reaction to smelling gas. I came back from the pub, opened the back door and smelt gas- my reaction, in order to ascertain whether there was in fact gas drifting around my terraced home, was to flick the light switch on. I specifically switched the light on to cause what I hoped/assumed would be some sort of minor pouf of a fireball, in which case the problem would be dealt with and we could all go home. Never mind the fucking neighbours… or my house, or my cat, or whatever else. My stupid, addled mind thought- no!, this beast shall be dragged out and slain but luckily my less stupid friend slapped my hand away from the light switch because it turned out it was gas we could smell because the oven had been left on but had gone out. So yeah, that turned out ok.

  6. Someone at Enbridge: “Hey you know what’d be one hell of a laugh riot?”

    Paid underling: “What Gordon?”

    CEO: “To have my fart analysed by scientists, chemically copied, and then shoved into the envelopes of all our customers so they have literally paid me to smell ass!”

    Underling: “Isn’t that sort of disturbing… and right down John Waters-esque?”

    CEO: “No.”

  7. That’s really cool since I’m an idiot and legit thought there was a gas leak in my house. It turns out I just didn’t know what the smell of hot dust in my air vents smelled like.

  8. Gasfitter here. They use ethyl mercaptin to odorize gas. It makes it easy to smell, but ironically slowly kills your ability to smell it. I cant smell gas anymore. I leak test with a lighter (not kidding)

  9. I bought a hustler when I was 13. It had a scratch and sniff centerfold and I went in my room excited to see what pussy smelled like. I scratched it and held it up face and it smelled like flowers. I was so pissed. Scratch and sniff never again. Circa 1976

  10. Why is this thread full of people saying


    What the fuck is your point?!?! Christ what a bunch of autistics

  11. I worked at a gas company one time and they sent these out. The post office through a fit Bc their machines that the mail went through caused the smell to radiate. THOUSANDS of envelopes in one building smelling caused quite a fuss.

  12. Many years ago my local gas and electric company tried this. After their awareness samples were sent out, someone threw the extras away and caused a huge investigation on the landfill. Smart idea for awareness but damn can it be costly to tie up hazmat assets for negligence.

  13. This…is a surprisingly good idea.


    I’m honestly pretty impressed by this, it works on a number of levels:

    1) Informs – the boring one that is as effective as your average “PSA” announcement

    2) Engages – by using what is typically associated with a fun childhood item (“Scratch ‘n sniff”) customers are far more likely to not only actually try it but also likely to encourage others in the household to try it as well so they’re aware. Kids wouldn’t even need to understand the full details, just “if you smell this go outside or come get mom/dad immediately”.


    10 out of 10, wish other gas companies would do the same with their bills. It’s a clear indication that the company in question actually gives a crap about their customers, and aren’t just interested in being able to cite having to spend a dollar figure on PSA commercials or have included the disclaimer in small text on the back.

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