I pooped in a restroom that won an actual award.


I pooped in a restroom that won an actual award.

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  1. go to biggar in scotland! their public toilets (which are on, no word of a lie, john street) have won awards for their cleanliness and overall niceness. it’s one of the stops on the way up to edinburgh over the border and the town itself is also lovely. excellent place to stop for a pee, 10/10 would pee again.

  2. You can shit and piss into a section of the actual Berlin Wall in Las Vegas at the main street brewery and casino near downtown if anybody is interested in doing such a thing. I did – but I enjoyed the brewery more than the historical significance of a portion of the bathroom.

  3. I went to one that won an award in 2016 or 2017! It was in an aquarium in Phoenix AZ, very clean, very colorful. The star attraction was obviously the view into the shark and ray tank that you got while washing your hands.


  4. When you enter 2014 Canada’s BEST RESTROOM, the title itself eases your worries shitting in a public restroom.

    First thing when you opens the door you are greeted by the sound of a properly air conditioned and ventilated restroom. Very clean, not a single hair in the urinals. No sticky dried piss on the floors. No “for a good time call this number” and “Whoever reads this is a fag” posts on the walls. You genuinely smile and wonder if anyone ever used this restroom before.

    You go to one of the stalls and check the handle for smeared poop, but nope, its shiny and clean aluminum. Enter the stall, close the door and inspect your surroundings. Absolute perfection, turn to your right: disposable toilet seats. Turn to your left: 2 toilet paper dispensers. The seat is so clean you can even rub the muffins they give out on the Spa reception and it would clean the damn muffin.

    It’s a very relaxing experience, you know… not having to worry about the lower part of your pants dragging over a nasty floor. Or having to hover your ass over the seat because its so disgustingly unclean that you are pretty sure you are going to get an STD if u sit on that. Also not having to worry about people stare at you taking a shit through the big ass gaps on the door that all U.S. public restrooms have.

    Such a relaxing experience that it cures your constipation. The toilet paper is 6-ply… The stuff isn’t even sold on plebeian stores. This thing… you wipe once and you get tingles. Wipe twice and you moan. Wipe 3 times and you will want to steal some rolls to put on top of your mattress because it will be better than memory foam.

  5. Somebody proposed that and somebody else had to approve that. Let that sink in. No less than two people though handing out medals to *restrooms* was a good idea. The a *third* person had to think it was a good idea to let them hang that medal in their building.

    I think this picture may have given me an existential crisis.

  6. I have been to very nice rest rooms in other parts of the world, wonder how this Canada’s best will stand up to:

    – Themed rest room
    – Japanese style rest room
    – Very nice public restrooms in Hong Kong and Singapore
    – Full Service with an attendant who hands you actual towel and other amenities after you wash your hands.

  7. I’ve always said that there should be an app that rates the cleanliness of bathrooms. I got this idea when I went to New Orleans and if you’ve been there you will understand how.

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