Getting floofier for fall #sweaterweather


Getting floofier for fall #sweaterweather

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    I grew up with a Sheltie as my dog, goddamn I loved her. Brianna. Called her Bri (bree). Was supposed to be my name but I was a boy, lol.

  2. I have a story about my sheltie I had when I was 10….

    I love fairs. The smell of corndogs burning your nostrils. The cows and horses talking across the stalls. Oh and the laughter from other kids enjoying the rides. Of course I don’t have time to go on the rides. I am busy getting my own booth set up for my dog Libby and myself. Libby is the best. She’s an AKC tricolor shetland sheepdog. Her father was grand champion two years in a row and her mother won three national awards. Libby was the biggest pup from the litter and the sweetest girl.

    We play hide and seek in the backyard on a daily basis. My sister kayla will cover Libby’s eyes and I’ll go hide. Once Kayla has counted to ten she will let Libby go who promptly prances off to find me. Of course she can cheat since her sense of smell is so much better than mine. But when she finds me she will pull me by the pant leg and bring me back to my sister. I love her so much.

    Our booth is decorated with blue and purple, my previous years ribbons hanging on the wall of 1st place in agility and show. I made a poster board with detailed facts about the Shetland sheepdog, otherwise known as a Sheltie or a miniature lassie for those who are not dog savvy. They come from the scottish isle and were bred to herd livestock as well as keep pigeons and other critters out of farmers gardens. They stay anywhere form 13-16 inches at the withers (that’s the shoulders for all you non dog savvy people) and come in a variety of colors. But you can look at my board if you want to know more.

    Libby and I have been training everyday for 1 hour at a time. It’s hard to work that into my busy schedule. After all being 10 years old I have school, my violin, video games, chores and friends to play with. That’s a lot of responsibility! But I always make time to take care of her. Her double coat alone can take me 2 hours to brush properly and work out any knots that have gathered behind her ears. She is the best dog and will sit so pretty while I trim and file her nails. I colored them pink once but my mom wasn’t happy about that so I do it in black so she won’t find out.

    The show is about to start. I am so nervous.

    We enter the ring and do our trot around the ring. The judge asks us a variety of questions about the breed but I know them all. I spew off the facts i’ve been memorizing all year.

    After all the dogs and their owners go through the judge calls us into a circle. One by one she calls, 3rd, and 2nd, then 1st… why hasn’t she called me? And then she was calling grand champion… this is the one that would move onto the state fair. She calls Megan and Libby. My hands shook as I took the ribbon almost as big as I was from the judge, cheers from my family in the crowd welcome my ears and tears fall down my cheeks.

  3. Shelties are spectacular dogs. A little talkative and bad shedders, but awesome. So smart and friendly. I had one growing up and a year after he passed my parents got another. He’s getting up there in years, but still as awesome as ever.

  4. Thumbnail looked like a sheltie and sure enough, a sheltie it is. They are the best! I have one of my own and he’s a complete bundle of joy. They’re such a loving and caring family dog (:

  5. a sheltie! don’t see many of those for some reason. had one when i was a kid. thing’s legs were pure muscle, loved to chase school buses and delivery trucks along the fenceline. we had dog-width dirt paths all over the yard where she would run through every day.

  6. I love this sheltie! They are so cute when they are puppies! I had a sheltie when I was in middle school, his name was Toby, and he was very intelligent and super easy to train. he lived to be 13 or 14 years old. Brilliant and beautiful breed.

    [heres a picture I took of Toby on the porch of a cabin in the park in my hometown](

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