A friend’s cat brings him mushrooms every day. No mice, no insects, only mushrooms 😂


A friend’s cat brings him mushrooms every day. No mice, no insects, only mushrooms 😂

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  1. Back in the day, I had a cat that brought me discarded cigarette packs from the gutter. It was really gross because they were disgustingly dirty from the gutter, flattened, muddy, and who knows what other trash was with it.

    But it was sweet, because I smoked at the time and I’m sure my cat could still smell the cigarettes from the pack so she thought she was bringing me a true gift. She wasn’t too bright, but she was all heart. I miss you Gladys.

  2. I have a precious indoor cat who is my loyal and loving companion. I am a homebound senior and she is the love that lives in my place. In my diningroom, I have it set with place settings including cloth napkins and napkin rings– that is a true give away that I am old! But, Katie brings me napkins as presents. I need to add that Katie actually does these loud and different vocalizations and she literally tells me what she wants depending on the sound. Dear Katie, brings me gifts of napkins! Sometimes, she announces herself and when I look at her, she drops the napkin and waits till I thank her. She also leaves them in other places including by the door when i leave for doctor appts. I have a welcome home napkin. She is such a special girl. To think of where She was rescued from, it is amazing she is still this sweet and caring soul. I am so blessed to have her and her napkins!

  3. Awesome! I had a cat that brought me bits of fruit and veggies from peoples gardens: little plums, apples and cherries fallen from the trees.
    Mini tomatoes too. So sweet.

  4. At my old house there was a lot of traffic so I wouldn’t let my cat outside but he kept bringing me moss and i was so confused about how he got it, until one day I saw that he was pushing himself out of the partially opened window to go on the roof and rip off moss from the gutter to bring it inside.

  5. Human: “oh hey mittens, I see you brought me another mushroom from the garden. Thank you, but I can’t eat those.”

    Cat: ” Damnit human, I am trying to make you see reality! Consume the cap at once for the fate of this world is in dire risk! Oooh… is that… catnip?”

  6. I don’t remember where I read this, but apparently owners cats bring their owners food because they basically think they are really shitty hunters so don’t want them to starve.

    Whether it’s a mushroom or a dead bird, a cat brings it because they’re trying to feed their owner.

    Might help people with cats appreciate the sentiment.

    Alternatively, if you’re sick of your cats bringing you shit, I’d recommend going out and having them watch you catch a bird? 😂

  7. Thats true love for a cat there. I remember my professor in anatomy, we were talking about what chemicals get released in the brain when u experience true love, and he used his cat for example and said that when cats bring their owners stuff, its a gift, and only cats who truly love their owners will do that. Its supposedly the ultimate sign of affection for cats.

    Like a toddler bringing you a cool looking pebble and you slowly start building a collection next to you.

  8. My cat catches leaves from the pool at brings them to my front door. She’s very selective about the leaves she brings back– some get tossed, some get dropped back into the water, and some are good enough to bring home for dinner. The best part is that I’m a vegetarian, so this is ridiculously appropriate considering

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