I found a newspaper in the crawlspace of our new house today, dated October 2, 1902


I found a newspaper in the crawlspace of our new house today, dated October 2, 1902

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  1. Will update here with a gallery of interesting finds. It’s hard to get the pages apart in one piece so might take a while

    Edit: https://imgur.com/a/sjAg8FV

    Edit 2: Wrong picture title on Imgur: ‘I thought this article was funny’ refers to the college girls prank picture. Wrote it on my phone and cant seem to change it

    Edit 3: Bought a house in Longmont two weeks ago, built in 1910 (not sure why this newspaper was there 8 years later) and renovated in 2011 (including new foundation…nothing makes sense)

    Edit 4: Pretty sure it was added as insulation later on and the renovators didnt care when they did their work. I did actually find it today as we’re having a radon system installed tomorrow and I was putting some carpet down and taking trash/sharp objects out

  2. Strike did end when JP Morgan got involved.

    **JP Morgan asked Root to come to New York. On October 11, 1902, the two men met for 5 hours on Morgan’s yacht, the Corsair, allegedly because newspaper reporters could not bother them there. They drafted an arbitration proposal. The mine operators, fearful of rising public hostility and under pressure from Morgan, accepted the Root-Morgan recommendation provided that they could set ground rules. On October 13, Root and Morgan brought their arbitration proposal to Roosevelt, who then made it public.**

    Did take over another week though.

  3. Something similar happened last year when I was replacing my interior garage door. My house was built in the early 60s, even then they still used old news papers to “insulate” around the door frame. The date my Dad and I did the work was October 14th and the news papers were dated October 16th 1963. Also my Dads birthday is the 16th.

  4. I’m an archaeologist in Colorado. Sometimes we come across cabins in the mountains that used old newspaper clippings like this for wallpaper, and it is so freaking cool. Incredible how it manages to survive for a hundred years or more, and it’s always fun to read and recognize major historical events, or just to see mundane local stories.

  5. We have a house that official city records state as being built in 1920. The house however shows up on 1904 insurance maps, and our home inspector thought various elements of the construction of the house pointed to late 1800’s construction. Point being – this might be evidence that your house is actually older than records indicate. I would see how many homes in your neighborhood show as those they were built in 1910. If it is nearly all of them, it might be further evidence that the dates are estimated. Regardless though – very cool find!!!

  6. Have political cartoons ever not been fucking weird?

    This dude must have been an amateur because the rain drops don’t say “bucklin amendment” on them.

  7. I lived in a house years ago that was built in 1892, in the floor boards of our attic we found 2 pay envelopes dated 1893 (old mining town) as well as a partial newspaper from 1924. I took them to the local museum and they photocopied them and put the copies on display and I took the originals back home, put them in protective plastic bags used for documents and stuck them in a manilla envelope.

    When we moved years later I left them behind for whomever would own the house next. And also because after we found them we experienced some paranormal activity up until we moved. So I decided the new occupants can have the history… and the ghost(s) 😁

  8. I’m not saying you bought a house where a serial killer once buried each of his victims in the crawlspace with a copy of that day’s paper. I’m just saying that’s probably what happened in the house your new house.

  9. Upper right hand corner says “coming pretty early”. I assume they meant winter weather is coming pretty early.

    Good thing we fixed that problem. It’s going to be 83 here is Denver tomorrow. Thanks, climate change!

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