Clear night in Norway


Clear night in Norway

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  1. I have been thinking about places like this ever since I could remember. I am so jealous of people who have gotten to experience such a marvelous, extraordinary, sight. I too hope to gaze upon billions of stars like that one day.

  2. I have never seen the sky like this before, ever. I often question the authenticity of these photos as I get maybe a handful of stars where I live. I’m not saying this isn’t a real thing but I do often wonder if there are actual places where you can look up at the sky and see the stars like this.

  3. I live in Michigan, born but not raised, and I have an extreme love/hate relationship with winter weather.

    For a 33 year old, I’ve got severe back issues, some of which have required surgery, and a LOT of arthritis. Thus, as I’ve gotten older and these problems came about, I went from absolutely adoring the snow to mostly hating.

    On one hand, I spent the first handful of years of my life here and as a kid, snow is amazing. It’s beautiful to watch fall. It’s fun to play in and if you’re school age, it sometimes meant a snow day; making snow angels and snow forts to defend your home from the neighbor kids, doubling up with your sibling(s) to retaliate, making snowmen in the yard and sticking out your tongue to catch the flakes. Eventually, after what felt like forever outside, you’d race in for hot cocoa.

    Then there’s the down side of adulthood. The cold goes right through you whereas when you were a kid your mom had to practically drag you into the house to warm up. Before the blizzards even hit your limbs ache so badly, you just want to punch something and you start contemplating whether you really *NEED* **TWO** legs. It means stupid drivers on icy roads and extra time getting around for work to warm up your car.

    But… I’m also an amateur hobby photographer and getting to save moments like this… suddenly, however bad my pain is just doesn’t matter. I adore watching the snow fall on full moon nights especially. Even though I know I can’t focus on it unless I want to risk causing a wreck, I **LOVE** how snow looks when I’m driving through it; like I’m piloting the Millennium Falcon or warp speed on the Starship Enterprise.

    I still love just standing under the snow and letting it decorate my hair and eyelashes.

    The fact is, despite how much I’ll piss and moan about the cold this winter, I’ll also be outside with my camera several times just taking pictures of the most beautiful moments of the season.

    Thanks for sharing this, OP. It’s truly a beautiful moment

  4. It’s beautiful but it looks cold af and I just cannot handle that. Thank you to all you photographers out there that freeze your asses off, get too close to sharks/spiders/snakes/other badasses like everything in Africa/Australia so people like me can see things like this. The how of the photo is lost on me but I can see the beauty of it plainly,

  5. I look at this photo and seriously don’t think I need anyone to be happy. I just want to be in this scene, alone, now. I don’t want anything else. I want to be there in my final moments, and I want those moments to be now…maybe hypothermia takes me in my final moments of frigid euphoria.

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