Meet Snickers the destroyer of gardens.


Meet Snickers the destroyer of gardens.

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  1. My grandma got a cat to kill the bunnies that ate up her plants. She was so happy whenever we found a tiny body left for us by that cat in the barn. I later found out that she’s legitimately a sociopath. Should’ve known.

    The cat was fantastic though. A very good, sweet cat. He was just trying to do his best. He lives indoors with a family with kids now and gets the love he deserves.

  2. What a sweet little thing ❤️

    Just FYI, buns have strong feelings about being picked up. It’s very unnatural for them, considering not even their mothers pick them up. It’s hard not to when they look so cute and huggable.

  3. I have a garden, nothing fancy, just tomatoes and radishes – sometimes parsley. It’s small, but I like working in it a lot. Takes my mind off things.

    Anyway, one day I notice that something had been chewing on my vegetables, so I set up a motion sensing camera and see that a rabbit was the culprit. Interestingly, I also saw on the video that his burrow was right next to the garden. He put his house right next to a grocery store. About a week goes by and my garden is thoroughly wrecked by this point and I’m not thinking too kindly about Peter Cottontail.

    So I set a trap over his burrow in the evening and I find two rabbits in the morning – the little asshole that was eating my radishes and a female rabbit – his little bunny wife.

    I take both of them onto my back porch, and separate them into their own cages. Then I drive down to the local pet shop and buy the biggest, craziest rabbit they had in stock. And this goddam thing was huge. It was a Flemish/jackrabbit hybrid, so it was this gigantic, wild as fuck rabbit. He was perfect.

    I drove him back home and put him in the cage with the female bunny then arranged the cages so the little asshole bunny who destroyed my garden could get a perfect view of his bunny wife.

    So this big, crazy hybrid gets in her cage and within 5 minutes is just fucking the shit out of her. He apparently was not exposed to females at the pet shop so he had a lot of backup that needed to be cleaned out. He fucked her for hours, and while the little asshole bunny screamed these weird as fuck long chirpy screeches at his wife.

    Anyway, the female bunny gets pregnant, and a few weeks later has a litter – or whatever the fuck you call a bunch of baby rabbits. I gave them back to the pet store.

    The process repeated three times. That asshole bunny watched his wife get fucked for months and have three batches of baby bunnies with what was the Vinnie Jones of the rabbit world.

    He stopped screaming after a few days, though. Just sort of stared after that.

    So one day I drive him miles away from my house, out into the woods, and let him out into a clearing. He didn’t even run. I had to tip the cage to make him slide out. He didn’t look back, or at me, he just blankly stared across the field. He didn’t even move when I started my truck to drive back home.

    Last I saw him in the rear view mirror he hadn’t moved an inch. No idea what happened to him after that.



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