As a garbage man, I have found a ton of valuable items in peoples trash, but nothing compares to today. Today I found $500,000 cash!


As a garbage man, I have found a ton of valuable items in peoples trash, but nothing compares to today. Today I found $500,000 cash!

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  1. To reuse them best possible way could be to mix them in. A blender in a liquid solution then press thin into sheets and boom now you have the blank paper needed for counterfeits. All you need now is a printer from pre 90s and can printout your money.

  2. Dumped a dumb-ass friend over this. Dude was a stoner (as was I), will never work a better job than fry cook kinda idiot.

    “Dude! You know the government shreds *money* instead of just giving it to us!?”

    “Yeah, Mike, it’s worn out paper.”

    “But they could *give* it to us!”

    “Yes, and they could give each of us a million dollars, easy. I mow lawns for $20. Now I have a million dollars. Not gonna mow your lawn for $20. Now it’s $20,000.”

    “Dude! I’d mow your lawn for $20,000! That’s phat money!”

    “Not if everyone had a million. Fuck it, pass the bowl.”

  3. In my youth my family had a recyclables collection business and I got so much great stuff from people’s discarded waste. And not just porno mags (pre-Internet teen). We’d even find cash inside clothing that people had thrown out during a hasty Spring clean.

    My favourite though was each Wednesday we would get the Kmart compacted cardboard delivery. It was meant to be clean waste but a lot of written off stock made it into the cardboard bins.

    I would fix anything of interest so had a stockpile of toys, clothes and most things. With shoes they would slash one of the pair but something the opposite show was slashed so I could make a pair from two different sets.

    Good times.

  4. We had someone from the US mint(?) come in to my elementary school with bags of these with $100 shedded in each one. We all got a bag and instantly said we would reassemble the money. The problem is it’s comprised of different bills with different serials and different defects. So it’d be impossible. Even if you did get a bag of the same bill, no one would accept it or could legally accept it.

  5. My friends dad has something similar to this, but way less. I think it’s like a grand or something. He’s always be like, “Hey, you guys wanna see and thousand bucks in cash??” Or something like that, then whip out a baggie full of shredded up money.

  6. I’m guessing you are near Denver. Each federal reserve bank disposes of distressed money a bit differently. I know New York does blocks and Philaddlphia does small little baggies. So I assume that is the Denver version. While not worth anything the blocks and bullets are a bit of a status symbol and they are given out as gifts often. The Philadphia bags on the other hand are just trash.

  7. We recycle plastic and used to get shredded Australian polymer notes by the bulka bag full. Securrency was the term used.

    I am unsure whether it was chemical composition or just all the bacteria from handled notes but the notes would start to self-combust from the centre.

    A few got so hot that we had to push a water hose into the centre and steam would come billowing out. We don’t use the plastic now.

  8. When I was a furniture mover at college we went through every single dormroom on campus to inventory stuff and adjust the foliot beds. Didn’t find $500 grand, but did get about $30 in change, some furniture and a dozen ethernet cables.

  9. Step 1: open eBay business
    Step 2: sell small inexpensive items at a competitive price, charge a high shipping fee
    Step 3: use the shredded money as packing material
    Step 4: profit

  10. If they’ve been withdrawn from circulation, that means you can’t use them. The serial numbers on the bills will pop up if you try to deposit it at the bank. And most stores will probably think it’s suspicious if you rolled in with a bill full of tape.

  11. Well the tresury has a special department that helps to re issue destroyed currency. Like burned in house fires and such. Mabey you can send it,to them and they will issue the ammount in real cash

  12. I thought every US kid in grades K-6th had at least one classmate come back from a DC vacation and show off their worthless shredded money they got from a gift shop. Seeing how people react to this post tells me I’m wrong.

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