my boyfriend found a kitten this morning and the poor guy promptly ate some food, drank a little water, and passed out on our couch!!


my boyfriend found a kitten this morning and the poor guy promptly ate some food, drank a little water, and passed out on our couch!!

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  1. Just an FYI, i had a cat exactly like this, big paws, fuzzy hair. Grow up to be 20+ pounds, super long hair and almost 40 inches long. Clink on my profile under posts, i think there is a picture. I miss him everyday!

  2. I had a stray for 14 years. When we were younger my brother and I found her in our back yard but we could never catch her. Then one night my dad was out on the back deck with the door open and she walked right inside. Proceeded to lay on our carpet and fall asleep. She was the best damn cat anyone could ask for! I miss you Miss Kitty, four years this Halloween.

  3. Beautiful. Please can you give him a good home. He looks contented mom. My shelter kitty of nine years recently passed. Of course I now have another red. We play circus roundup with his fluffy toy on a stick. Boy can he jump high.

  4. He adopted you. Now it’s up to you reddit poster to be a good individual. Raise that kitten like it’s your own offspring please. The rest of us on reddit would love to see growing up photos. Peace and love !

  5. It’s like those stories and fairy tales where a weary traveler finds themselves at the gate of a cozy cottage in the forest, and after warm stew and grog from the good witch inside they fall into a slumber by the fire and they dream of where their journey will take them

    I think I just accidentally told myself a bedtime story

  6. What a lucky kitty! I have six varieties of rescue and lucky strays. Not to mention the dogs. Also, I too have lousy floors consisting of stained concrete with most of the stain rubbed off after a few years of foot traffic.. Dog and cat hair generously coat the couch covers to complete the look. The dogs and cats don’t mind one bit :). The human residents just like the cuddles.

  7. The night before my wedding, I was walking down a street in Queens with my mother and my fiance when I felt something on my leg and saw a 4 week old kitten running along with me as fast as he could. I got a shoe box and put him inside for the subway ride home. The little guy fell fast asleep with my hand covering him to keep him warm, something he still loves.

    19 years later, no more wife but I still have the cat. He’s deaf, has trouble walking and needs insulin shots twice a day (no vacations for me in five years). People think I’m crazy but he’s the best thing in my life. Don’t know what I’ll do when he leaves.


  8. Aww! He knows he’s finally safe. I wonder how long it’s been since he was last able to rest so peacefully. Stress can take a terrible tole on such a young kitty. I’m glad you found him and are giving him the care he needs. ☺️

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