A bulldog, a pitbull and a rottweiler walked into a bar… And they were incredibly well behaved and loved by all :)


A bulldog, a pitbull and a rottweiler walked into a bar… And they were incredibly well behaved and loved by all 🙂

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  1. “… **And they were incredibly well behaved and loved by all :)…”**

    Until the Rottweiler got really drunk and started to cry and laugh at the same time and then puked under the bar and stumbled home but passed out on the neighbour’s lawn instead.

  2. Did you know? 4 out of 9 (now 5 out of 10) front-page posts containing the phrase ‘pitbull’ have gotten locked in the last 3 months! /r/CommentUnlock

  3. This makes me so happy. My rescue Rottweiler was the gentlest giant. I’d get such dirty looks when I took him to dog-friendly pubs/restaurants, but he was always so well-behaved that once he had been laying quietly for a while minding his business, the looks very quickly changed and people would ask to pet him. 🙂

  4. My friend had a Rotty with no mutilating body mods at all. Big ol ears and waggy tail.

    It was the friendliest pupper I’ve ever had the pleasure of petting. It was HUGE too, but she had no idea she was so big.

    She’d only growl if you tried taking away a socks from her. She loved socks. Even then, she’d nibble on you, it wasn’t anything scary.

    She was a big nice dopey dog all the way up until she passed away a few years ago. Her hips gave out. The lifespan for them is just so short for the amount of loving personality they have.

  5. I’ve been mauled and attacked by my neighbors pitbulls …. both males , both came home from the same shelter together … they were not properly cared for before or after they were adopted ..
    But I don’t blame the dogs for what they became , I blame the people that mishandled them and didn’t give them enough love and guidance..
    When I see pics like this , I have NO PROBLEM with these babies !! I love all dogs , and I still have my reserves around strange or new pits , but I really judge the owners the most !!
    Great Job OP !!! Beautiful Babies ❤️❤️😊

  6. Once upon a time, the GSD was looked upon in the same light as these dogs are now. Give it 20 years and hopefully the bulls, staffs, rottis and dobermans will lose their undeserved rep.

  7. I cant speak for the other 2 but rottweilers are very sweet. My neighbor had one and I dont think she had a very good life (some people just dont know the right way to care for a dog cant blame them) she spent most of her time tied to a tree outside when it wasn’t too hot or cold, so when i took my dog for a walk I would pet her.

    It got to the point that if she saw me she would get very excited and jump up to my face to kiss me, my moms friend also had one and she was very sweet. Sadly they are both on rainbow bridge now but if you hold off on getting a dog because of the stereotypes, please rethink your decisions because a lot will never get adopted because of stupid stereotypes. Any dog can bite and that’s a fact.

  8. For 12 years I had a pit bull mix, she was a rescue and was the sweetest dog ever. You could hand feed her and her teeth would never touch you.

  9. I’m sick of people calling these dogs monsters when they’re in fact some of the most gentle and loving creatures on earth. They just happen to also be very musculuar, so of course an evil person could train it to use its power.

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